While I do like Buddha Tea’s Billberry Leaf Tea, as a graphic designer, I really appreciate their package design as well. Here are some of the design elements I really like: Gold foil logo Matte coated packaging Flip-up lid that reveals the saying “Happiness from Within” Witty sayings on the tea tags So, here’s a […]

Today at @costco, my 3 year old pointed to this display and said “Magic Wands!” At first I was going to correct him and tell him “No, those are not ‘magic wands,’” but then I stopped and thought about it. Actually, they kind of ARE like magic wands…they remind us that we can do things […]

“Daddy, can you fly me around like an airplane?” /// Getting packages delivered to our house is always exciting for the kids (and sometimes for me, too)—not necessarily because of what’s inside but because of the unlimited possibilities and potential uses for that corrugated contraption itself. Boxes have become jet packs, planes, forts, libraries, and […]

This week, I had a chiropractic appointment, and it was the first time I had to take our two young boys with me. On the drive to the office, I was explaining to my 4 year old how the chiropractor was going to adjust my back, and I mentioned to my son that “the chiropractor […]

The past couple nights I’ve been working late into the night (and into the early morning) on a big freelance project. Tonight my 3 year old got out of his bed, walked down the stairs, and into my office, and sleepily told me “I need you.” This is typically what he says when he wakes up in […]

When your little guy “cleans” up his room by just throwing everything onto his bed, the cat thinks it’s a warm and cuddly place to nap. /// #hearthheartinspired #cleanyourroom #catnap

Sometimes I look out our back window, and remind myself of how much I am blessed and have so much to be grateful for. Blessed to have a wonderful, caring wife with a big caring heart. Blessed to have opened up our home to foster kids who have brought so much joy and excitement into […]

After putting in a new serpentine belt on our van and then shoveling snow off the driveway, I told our kiddos that I needed to give my arms and shoulders a rest and take a little nap. But when your 3 year old comes into your bedroom, kisses both your arms, asks you if they […]

This past week, I took one of my boys to a playground that had a lot of great features, including a kid-friendly zipline. From the moment he saw pictures of the zipline, he was excited to try it out. But when we got to the playground, his excitement turned to fear and apprehension. He was […]

We look forward to what this new year has in store! The experiences, the lessons, the ups, the downs, the laughter, the smiles, the hugs, the continued journey. For me personally, I desire to be a more compassionate husband—the kind that tells his wife he loves her more each day; a more available and loving […]

About Hearth & Heart Inspired

About Hearth & Heart Inspired

Husband to a wonderful and caring wife, father to three great soon-to-be-adopted kiddos, graphic designer by trade, photographer by passion. This blog shares some of the experiences, lessons, and thoughts along our journey. We hope you feel encouraged by visiting our page! -James de Leon


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